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About Us

delloR Ice Cream is Calgary’s first establishment serving Thai-inspired rolled ice cream. We are a family-run business located on Edmonton Trail. Each cup of rolled ice cream is made in house then handcrafted to perfection in front of you.
we invite you to experience ice cream like you have never experience it before. It is literally ice cream in it's purest form.


Creamier Ice Cream

Our method of quickly freezing our ice cream on a cold plate allows the mixture to produce smaller ice molecules, making it creamier than traditional ice cream.

More Bang for your Buck

With rolled ice cream, we do not incorporate as much as air as traditional ice cream. Our cup of ice cream is denser, has less air, and has overall more ice cream.

Witness What Goes Inside

The best part of rolled ice cream is that you can watch it being made. The beauty of this is you can actually see what we put inside your ice cream to create our flavours.

No Perservatives

With the rolling method and each cup being made to order, our ice cream does not require additonal perservatives or stabilizers. We like to call it "Ice cream in it's purest form!".


S'mores delloR

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream
Graham Crackers
Whipped Cream
Toasted Marshmallow
Chocolate Drizzle

Mango Monsoon

Manago Ice Cream
Fresh Mangoes
Lychee Jelly
Whipped Cream
House-Made Waffle

Cà Phé

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream
Coffee Crisp
Whipped Cream
Condensed Milk
Wafer Stick

Boom Chocolat

Hot Chocolate ice Cream
Caramel Drizzle
Whipped Cream
Chocolate Pocky Stick

Cookie & Cream

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Oreo Cookie
Whipped Cream
House-Made Waffle
Chocolate Drizzle

Strawberry Delight

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Fresh Strawberries
Whipped Cream
White Chocolate Drizzle
Pocky Sticks

Seasonal Flavours

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream
Condensed Milk Drizzle
Whipped Cream
Koala Cream Filled Cookie
House-Made Waffle

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Ice Cream
Sticky Rice
Fresh Mangoes
Coconut Drizzle


How do we roll our ice cream?

Creating the base

All of our cream is made in house with natural ingredients. We curate small batches of cream every few days to maintain the highest quality of taste and to ensure freshness.

Freeze, Chop & Repeat

When ready, our cream mixture is poured onto a cold plate at freezing temperatures. As we start working and chopping the base, it begins to solidify into ice cream!

Roll it up!

Once the ice cream has reached a good texture, our ice cream artist(s) uses the spatulas and flattens the mixture into a rectangular slab. We then begin to work from one edge to another, creating tightly packed rolls exploding with flavour.

Toppings, toppings and more toppings

To complete the look and taste, we top off our ice cream with whipped cream (which is also made in house!) and garnished with a whole array of assorted toppings!

Hours & Location

delloR is located just off edmonton trail, we would like to let you know when visting delloR there is additional parking in the rear of the building.


  • 1309 Edmonton Trail NE
  • Calgary, AB T2E 3K7

Summer Hours

  • Monday 2pm - 10pm
  • Tuesday 2pm - 10pm
  • Wednesday 2pm - 10pm
  • Thursday 2pm - 10pm
  • Friday 2pm - 11pm
  • Saturday 2pm - 11pm
  • Sunday Noon - 10pm


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