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About Us

Due to Covid-19, our hours of operation have changed and we are only doing take out and delivery

Inspired to craft creamy, delicious tasting and visually-captivating rolled ice cream, delloR was first introduced to the Calgary community in 2016. It started out as a pop-up premiering at festivals and local events. But it wasn’t long before delloR opened their very own storefront in 2017.

Up until now, delloR is still serving up Thai-origin, made-to-order, fresh ice cream with no added stabilizers, preservatives or emulsifiers. Only real ingredients with real taste. Don’t believe us?! Roll on in and see for yourself! #justrollwithit


Creamier Ice Cream

Our method of quickly freezing our ice cream on a cold plate allows the mixture to produce smaller ice molecules, making it creamier than traditional ice cream.

More Bang for your Buck

With rolled ice cream, we do not incorporate as much as air as traditional ice cream. Our cup of ice cream is denser, has less air, and has overall more ice cream.

Witness What Goes Inside

The best part of rolled ice cream is that you can watch it being made. The beauty of this is you can actually see what we put inside your ice cream to create our flavours.

No Perservatives

With the rolling method and each cup being made to order, our ice cream does not require additonal perservatives or stabilizers. We like to call it "Ice cream in it's purest form!".

Hours & Location

delloR is located just off edmonton trail, we would like to let you know when visting delloR there is additional parking in the rear of the building.


  • 1309 Edmonton Trail NE
  • Calgary, AB T2E 3K7


  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 3pm - 9pm
  • Wednesday 3pm - 9pm
  • Thursday 3pm - 9pm
  • Friday 1pm - 10pm
  • Saturday 1pm - 10pm
  • Sunday 1pm - 10pm


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